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More Uploads, more money!

We offer professional upload of your videos to adult tube sites.

Dear affiliate program,

we provide professional adult tube site services and are approaching you with an offer: we will leverage our extensive experience to reduce your stress and to assist you in marketing memberships to your pay sites. We have been successfully offering our software solutions for 14 years and the Tube Sites Submitter, our popular video uploader, has been on the market for 8 years.

We will release you from the burden of difficult and lengthy work of uploading many videos to numerous tube sites. We have the know-how and the professionally developed software solutions, we work daily with tube sites ourselves, and we achieve very good results. For us this is an opportunity and for you a chance to sell many more memberships than today. Give business a chance!

What do we offer affiliate programs?

We offer you professional and unlimited upload of your videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including registration for tube sites! We have a large, regularly updated database of tube sites. It is up to you to specify the number of videos which you want to upload daily!
At the moment videos of our clients are uploaded to 200-250 tube sites daily. This database is continuously updated: we add new sites, repair the ones which are not working properly and remove those which are not productive or functional.

Advantages for you:
- no extra stress
- no set-up needed
- no installation needed
- no hosting fee expenses
- no employees
- no personnel costs
- no personnel management
- no complicated employee introduction
- professional service
- fast service delivery


What can we offer you? What does our video upload service include? We offer our service on a package basis and your customized package may contain:
Request a profile account in tube sites (200-300 tube sites)
Enter your registration data in tube sites (200-300 tube sites)
Confirm accounts on tube sites (200-300 tube sites)
Enter client (affiliate program) login and password in the database
Upload videos to tube sites (200-300 tube sites)

We do it all for you!

Account request, registration, confirmation, login and upload are continuous and the database is regularly updated, i.e. we can register you in more than 300 tube sites within one month. This process (account request, registration, confirmation, login and upload) is automated as long as you have at least one package active.

Choose the package that suits you! It all depends on the volume of videos which you are planning to upload.

Contact us for actual price

Contact us for actual price

plus up to 15% discount for your affiliates on the 3-month version of Nifty Stats!

Contact us for actual price

plus up to 20% discount for your affiliates on the 3-month version of Nifty Stats!


Do you need to upload more? No problem! Just tell us what you need and we’ll formulate a package and price matching your requirements. Contact us!


To ensure the most efficient provision of our services we chose to apply a registration-based system:

1 PROFILE = 1 PAYSITE (if the Content Partner Program allows this)
It is the best way of selling memberships to tube sites because the profile contains all info about the paysite where videos, banners and information will be uploaded. Such concentration of data on a single profile will over time create a sizeable social group of fans and friends of your paysite. Of course, the final decision is yours and we can also go by your sales model. If you have a Content Partner Program, we will follow it. If it supports 1 PROFILE per 1 AFFILIATE PROGRAM, then we’ll upload all your paysites under this 1 PROFILE.

Depending on the package purchased the Affiliate Program will need to give us:
1  Edited and watermarked videos
2. Video descriptions
3. E-mail login and password (this e-mail will receive the confirmation links and access data for tube sites).
You as the owner of the affiliate program will need to create this e-mail for us, e.g.
4. The info which you want to have on your profile in the Tube Sites
(e-mail, name, login name, password, first name, last name, display name, gender, birthname, country, city, zip code, upload rights owner - name, address)
5. Proxy settings (unless you wish to use ours)
6. All the information in a pre-agreed format sent to you after you purchase the package
7. Set the beginning of registration and uploads to tube sites.
8. Data needed for registering as CONTENT PARTNER
9. You will share with us the videos which you want to upload and our video upload team will download them.
9. Any other requests you might have, like video watermarking or editing, etc.


How long does it take for the video upload service to start once the package has been paid.

When you pay for the package which you ordered you need to send us all the required information (e.g. videos, profile info, descriptions, etc...). But it usually takes up to 3 days once all the material and information has been provided by you. Once we have received everything we need, we can start the upload service.

Some tube sites require a different watermark than other tube sites. How do you deal with this?

In the first place we strive to meet the tube site rules as defined by the site. If a tube site requires a different watermark, we upload videos with such watermark. It is, however, up to the affiliate program to prepare correctly watermarked videos for us.  The affiliate program prepares and sends us the videos and we process them in our upload system. Of course, you can pay for the video watermarking service and we will do all this for you. It is up to individual agreement between the affiliate program and us.

Does the upload service package contain editing and watermarking of videos?

No it does not, but we can provide this service to you upon agreement. We can edit and watermark your videos for you. The price depends on the quantity of videos which you need edited and watermarked.

Do you do video descriptions?

If you are interested we can do video descriptions. This is also a matter of individual agreement and a service which we can provide without problems. Video descriptions but also editing or watermarking is agreed when purchasing the next upload service package so that we can properly design and schedule your whole campaign.

What is the entire procedure? From beginning to end?

Let’s put it in an itemized list, although individual items may differ according to the requirements of our customers (affiliate programs).

  1. Contact us at Support Form
  2. Send us your idea of the volume of videos which you plan to upload monthly, tell us whether you wish to use additional services like video editing, watermarking, descriptions, etc.
  3. Based on this information we will send you payment information and the total amount to be paid.
  4. After the payment is received you will share with us the information needed for the upload as described above, share your videos with us and we will process them depending on the package which you paid.
  5. If we have free server slots, we will activate your upload campaign within 5 days.

I am interested in this service, which payment methods are available?

We support Paxum, Visa, MasterCard and Wire transfer.

Where can I select and pay for the packages?

Just write to tell us that you are interested in a video upload package using our support form.

We need to upload more videos than our package allows, is that possible?

Yes, basically we can agree on any amount of videos and set up the right plan - we have an excellent database and powerful hardware, so all you need to do is write to tell us how many videos per month you need to upload. We will deliver.

Is your database set up according to Tube Site rules?

Yes, the whole database is set up according to the rules of individual tube sites, e.g. we do not upload more than 5 videos daily to the tube site which only accepts 5 videos from you per day. These rules need to be observed for the service to function correctly and to have the desired effect.

We already are content partners on tube sites and we want you to provide upload service for us, what do we need to do?

We will be happy to upload your videos to tube sites. The procedure is that you will give us your access passwords to tube sites, or, if you use Tube Sites Submitter, just export the STEPS in Tube Sites Submitter and we will implement them in the upload system on our servers. If you do not use the Tube Sites Submitter, then you need to send us this data (logins and passwords) in text format and we will manually enter them in our upload system.

Most tube sites do not have a Content Partner Program, do you upload videos to those?

Of course, we have our own large, regularly updated database of tube sites.

I have read that you prefer to upload videos so that there is one profile on the tube site per paysite, but I have a content partner program, how do you deal with that?

There are tube sites which have a CPP (Content Partner Program) but there are many tube sites which do not have it at all and so we adapt to their requirements and if it is possible to upload videos for more paysites under one profile (CPP) then we do it. There are, however, many tube sites which do not allow it. In such cases we upload videos on the 1 profile = 1 paysite basis.

Do you have partner accounts on tube sites?

Yes, we have such tube sites in our database and if you decide to use our services and activate our upload service package, we will offer them to you.

We are an affiliate program and we have no experience with tube sites. Can you advise us and design a solution for selling more memberships through tube sites?

Of course, we will design an optimized solution for you. Just contact us and if you are interested in the video upload service our staff will send you an offer. Contact us

Does your database include the largest tube sites?

Of course, our database includes the largest tubes, but also niche tube sites which tend to be no worse.

What is the traffic of the tube sites in your database?

The combined traffic runs into tens of millions of visitors in a day, which is a really huge number and your videos could be on these tube sites. There is also a large number of adult sites which automatically download and share these videos on their own tube sites. So if your video is interesting, this will definitely help you generate more and more sales.

I am interested in advertising on your pages, could you send me more information?

If you are interested in placing advertising on our pages, please contact us through our support form at and we’ll provide you more information and schedule availability.

I would like to meet a community of people who work with tube sites and earn money through them, where can I meet them?

Join us on Discord, you will meet other uploaders there. We will be happy if you can share your experience.

Do you offer any small solutions for individuals? I do not have an affiliate program but I sell memberships as an affiliate.

Sure, we have a solution for you - you can try out our software, the Tube Sites Submitter, which will provide you with maximum comfort in registering and uploading videos to tube sites.

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