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and we will send you thousands of videos of our users!

Add your video/tube site to our database and we will send you thousands of videos of our users!

Do you have a tube/video site and need content? You no longer need to buy it expensively or download it from other tube sites - just send us your video/tube site and we will add it to our database, giving you a mass of fresh and original content with descriptions, as well as higher ranking in search engines.

How does it work? How do you get the videos?
Your tube/video site is included in our database. Our users are adult webmasters, affiliate programs, paysite owners and others who continuously contribute their videos to tube sites. Your video site could be featured on this list. Your site rules will be fully respected (category, minimum video size, video format, etc.) so if you only accept a certain niche, the content directed to your site will be from that niche. You will need fresh content and quality descriptions in order to achieve a good ranking in search engines. You’ll get both from us, helping your tube site achieve a high position in searches!

How long will it take for the video content to reach you? Not longer than a few days. The amount depends on the number of categories which you choose. The more categories you check on the upload form, the more video content goes your way.

1. Your tube site must generate traffic
2. Videos of our users must be published
2. You must send traffic to users
4. After upload you must display the videos on the user profile.

The price for adding a tube/video site to the database is $5 per site:

Pay by Paxum:

The fee is one-off and you pay for adding your site to the database.

You can pay via paxum or FREE - place a banner of the Tube Sites Submitter on your upload or main page.

You can promote us with the banner of our affiliate program.

Add your tube/video site now!

Before sending the form please Pay the fee, or you place a banner on your tube / video site. Otherwise will make your site deleted from the list

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